Full List of Award Recipients



Awardee Accomplishment
Couch, James F. Dr.

Chemist in charge of Tobacco Section, USDA

Process for the extraction of rutin from buckwheat
Plunkett, Roy J. Dr.

Organic Chemicals Dept. E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.

Invention of polytetrafluoroethylene


Awardee Accomplishment
Seaborg, Glenn T. Dr.

Professor of Chemistry, UCLA

Tobacco cutting machine
Alvarez, Luis Walter Dr.

Professor of Physics, UCLA

Invention of the ground control approach radar landing system


Awardee Accomplishment
Houdry, Eugene T. Inventions in the catalytic cracking process for the refining of petroleum
Gibbon, John H. Dr.

Professor of Surgery & Dir. of Surgical Res., Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia

Invention of the heart-lung apparatus


Awardee Accomplishment
Williams Robley C. Dr.

Professor of Biophysics, UCLA

Method of depositing thin metal films by thermal evaporation. Found practical application in mirror coatings for astronomy and in electron microscopy
Du Vigneaud, Vincent

Professor of Biochemistry, Cornell Univ. Med. College

Synthesis of the important posterior pituitary hormone, oxytocin
Camras, Marvin

Research Physicist, Armour Research Fnd. of Ill. Inst. of Tech

Method and means of obtaining distortion free magnetic recording through high frequency bias
Bardeen, John, Dr.

Professor Physics & Elec. Eng. University of Illinois

Brattain, Walter H. Dr.

Bell Telephone Lab

Invention of the transistor
Sikorsky, Igor T.

Sikorsky Aircraft, Div. of United Aircraft Corp.

Invention of the first practically useful single sustaining rotor helicopter
Powers, John B.

Dept. of Agriculture, UCLA

Color sorter for fruits and vegetables


Awardee Accomplishment
McFadden, Edgar S.

Agronomist, Agricultural Exp. Station, Texas A&M

Origination and development of the first rust-resistant bread wheat
Olson, Harry F. Dr.

Acoustical & Electro-mechanical Res. Lab RCA Labs, Radio Corp. of America

Invention of the Velocity Microphone
Beams, Jesse W.

Professor of Physics, University of Virginia

Inventions in the field of centrifugation and particularly the magnetically supported centrifuge


Awardee Accomplishment
Swern, Daniel Dr.

Animal Fats Sec., Agricultural Research USDA

Invention and subsequent development of epoxidized fatty compounds which are used as stabilizing plasticizers for vinyl plastics
Pearson, G.L., Chapin, D.M. and Fuller, C.S.

Bell Labs

Invention of the Bell Solar Battery


Awardee Accomplishment
Salk, Jonas E., M.D.

Professor of Bacteriology, University of Pittsburgh

Salk Poliomyelitis vaccine
Air Commodor Sir Frank Whittle

Aeronautical Engineer

First practical turbo-jet engine
Burton, Glenn W., Dr.

Principal Geneticist, Georgia Coastal Plan Exp. Station, Univ. of Georgia College of Agriculture

Coastal Bermuda Grass


Awardee Accomplishment
Holmes, Eric L. and Adams, Basil A.

Research Chemist

First practical synthetic ion exchange resins and their application
Dulbecco, Renato, M.D.

Dept. of Biochemistry, CALTECH

Method of production of plaques with animal cells
Burroughs, Wise, Dr.

Animal Husbandry, Iowa State College

Estrogen usage in cattle and sheep feeds
Martin, A.J.P.

F.R.S., Chemical Consultant

Inventions in chromatography and particularly vapor phase chromatography


Awardee Accomplishment
Sir Randall, John T., Dr.

Prof. of Physics University of London

Boot, Henry A.H., Dr.

Prof. of King's College

Cavity Magnetron
Link, Karl P., Dr.

Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin

Invention of Dicumarol and of the method of extraction
Lyon, Dean A., Dr. Method of producing the first practically useful optical coating for the reduction of light reflection


Awardee Accomplishment
Coulter, Wallace H. Invention of the Coulter fine particle counter and size analyzer
Forward, Frank A.,

Professor, Mining & Metallurgy Dept. Univ. of Br. Columbia

Forward process for extracting nickel and other metals from ore concentrates
Williams, F.C.

O.B.E., Electrical Eng. Labs, Univ. of Manchester, U.K.

Super regenerative responder and other inventions in the radar responder field


Awardee Accomplishment
Knipling, E.F., Dr.

Entomology Res. Div. USDA, Maryland

Bushland, R.C., Dr.

Livestock Insects, Investigations, USDA, Texas

Method of eradicating screw worms and other destructive insects by eliminating reproduction through the rearing and release of sufficient sterile male flies
Eckert, J. Presper, Jr.

Remington Rand Univac, Blue Bell, PA.

Mauchley, John W., Dr.

Mauchley Assoc. Ambler, PA.

First large-scale electronic computer


Awardee Accomplishment
Sparke, J.W.

Aircraft Establishment, Hants, U.K.

RAE visual glide path indicator
Bickel, Horst, Dr.

Prof. Pediatrics, Univ. Kinderklinik, Marburg, Germany

Gerrard, John

Prof. Pediatrics, Univ.Saskatchewan, Canada

Hickmans, Evelyn

Wolverhampton, U.K.

Method of controlling Phenylketonuria


Awardee Accomplishment
Natta, Guilio

Professor, University of Milan

Process for making stereo regular (or isotactic) hydrocarbon polymers
Wain, R.L.,

Professor, University of London

Group of weed killers known as "Butyric" weed killers
Lowry, Oliver H.,

Prof. Washington Univ., St. Louis

Method of isolating, preparing, weighing and chemically studying single nerve cells and sub cellular particles
Townes, Charles H.,

Provost MIT

Invention of the Maser


Awardee Accomplishment
Anger, Hal O.,

UCLA Berkeley

Coin counting and wrapping machine
Sheehan, John C.,


Alloy Invar
Carlson, Chester W. Electric Furnaces in which Alundum is made commercially
Schachman, H.A.,

UCLA Berkeley

Process of Producing a new Abrasive Refractory Material Alundum


Awardee Accomplishment
Kolin, Alexander

Professor, Univ. of California

Electro magnet flow meter
Florey, Sir Howard W

London, England

Inventive development and establishment of Penicillin as a therapeutic agent in medicine
Guthrie, John D.

New Orleans, LA

Reeves, Wilson A.

New Orleans, LA

Invention of the Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Chloride Process for flame proofing cellulosic textiles
McClure, Frank T.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Md.

Invention of the satellite doppler navigation system


Awardee Accomplishment
Bowles, Romald E., Dr.

Engineering Corp. Silver Springs, Md.

Horton, Billy M.

Warren, Raymond W.,

Harry Diamond Lab, Washington DC

Fluid amplifiers
MHoerni, Jean. Dr.

Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corp., CA.

Method of achieving true dimensional surface passivation of semi-conductor devices as an integral part of the basic manufacturing process


Awardee Accomplishment
Zoll, Paul M.

Medical School, Harvard Univiversity

Heart Pacemaker
Fernandez-Moran, Humberto

Univ. of Chicago

Diamond knife
Mertz, Edwin T.

Purdue University

Nelson, Oliver E.

Purdue University

First high quality protein corn


Awardee Accomplishment
Davis, Edward W.,

Silver Bay, MN

Inventions leading to the economic recovery of iron from Taconite ore
Cockerell, Christopher S.,

Hampshire, U.K.

"Ground Effects Machine" known as the Hovercraft


Awardee Accomplishment
Parkes, A.S., Dr.

Christ's College, Cambridge, England

Smith, Audrey U., Dr.

London, U.K.

Polge, Christopher, Dr.

Univ. of Birmingham, U.K.

Invention of high powered machine tools
Stacey, Maurice


Invention and method of manufacture of bacterial Dextran, blood plasma substitute
Jennings, Peter R., Dr.

Columbia, SA

Chang, T.T.

Manila, The Phillipines

Beachell, Henry M.

Laguna, The Phillipines

Invention of tropical dwarf rice IR 8
Stacey, Maurice, Prof.


Float Glass Process


Awardee Accomplishment
Ginsburg, Charles P.

Redwood, CA

Method of recording pictures in motion on magnetic tape
Morgan, Stephen W.K. Method of recovering zinc by a blast furnace
Mueller, E.W.,

Penna State University

Invention of the field of Ion Microscope and the Atom Probe


Awardee Accomplishment
Gunn, J.B., Dr.

IBM Research Division, Yorktown Heights, NY

Invention of the first Gallium Arsenide Microwave Generator
Draper, Charles S.,

Charles Stark Draper Lab., MIT

Invention of the first practical inertial guidance system
Lathe, G.H., Prof. and Ruthven, C.G.R., Dr.

London, England

Invention of the Gel Filtration Technique


Awardee Accomplishment
Reid, J. David, Dr.

USDA, New Orleans, LO

Inventions contributing substantially and critically to the development of durable press cottons
Skeggs, Leonard T., Dr.

VA Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Invention of the automatic analyzer
Anderson, Norman G., Dr.,

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Invention of the Zonal Ultra Centrifuge


Awardee Accomplishment
Suckling, C.W., Dr.

Buckinghamshire, U.K.

Invention of the inhalent anaesthetic halothane
Raventos, James, Dr.

Cheshire, England

Invention of the inhalent anaesthetic halothane
Koch, Peter, Dr.

Alexandria, LA.

Invention of the chipping headrig


Awardee Accomplishment
Kompfner, R. Dr.

Stanford University, CA

Pierce, John R.


Invention in the development of the "Communications satellites"
Charnley, John, Dr.,

Manchester, England

Invention of the total prosthetic replacement of the hip joint


Awardee Accomplishment
Graham, Robert P.,

Western Regional Research Center, USDA, Berkeley, CA

Invention of the dry caustic process of peeling fruits and vegetables
Holonyak, N.,Jr.,

University of Illinois

Inventions leading to the first practical light emitting diode


Awardee Accomplishment
Clarke, Sir Cyril A.

Prof. University of Liverpool, England

Freda, Vincent J., Dr.

Columbia Univ. NY

Gorman, John G., Dr.

Columbia Univ. NY

Pollack, William, Dr.

Columbia Univ. NY

Invention of the method of prevention of Rhesus Haemolytic Disease
Lorenzen, Coby

Prof. Emeritus UCLA, Davis, CA

Sluka, Steven

UCLA, Davis, CA

Inventions leading to the first practical tomato harvester
Hanna, Gordie C.,

Olericulturist Emeritus

Inventive development of varieties of tomatoes necessary for use of the harvester


Awardee Accomplishment
Hounsfield, Godfrey N., Dr.

EMI Central Research Labs. Middlesex, England

Invention of the first practical computerized axial tomography system
Edman, Per, Dr.

(Deceased prior award being made)

Invention of amino acid sequencer


Awardee Accomplishment
Walsh, Sir Alan

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Res. Org., Australia

Invention of the atomic absorption method for quantitative analysis of the elements
Ames, Bruce

UCLA, Berkeley

Invention of Salmonella/Microsome Plate Assay (Ames Test)


Awardee Accomplishment
Favaloro, Rene, MD

Guemes Foundation Buenos Aires, Argentina Johnson, Dudley

Johnson, Dudley, W., MD

Milwaukee, WI

Contributions fo the development of coronary artery bypass surgery
Fuller, Buckminster R.

Philadelphia, PA

Invention of the geodesic dome


Awardee Accomplishment
Linvill, John G. and Bliss, James D., Dr.

Stanford University,CA

Invention of the "Optacon"
Soper, Quentin F., Dr.

Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN

Invention of herbicides known as 2,6-Dinitroanilines ("Treflan")


Awardee Accomplishment
Black, James Whyte

Wellcome Foundation, London, England

Drugs such as Cimetidine and Propanolol (Cimetidine is used for the medical cure of peptic ulcers; Propanolol is a most useful drug in the treatment of hypertension and various cardiac disorders)
Rubin, Ben. Dr.

Wyeth Labs, Radnor, PA

Invention of the bifurcated vaccination needle which contributed to the eradication of smallpox


Awardee Accomplishment
Leo H. Dr.

Hoffman-LaRoche Company, Nutley, NJ

Invention of benzodiazepines as useful drugs
Fishman, Jack and Blumberg, Harold

Rockefeller Univ. NY

Invention and development of Naloxone as a morphine antagonist


Awardee Accomplishment
Kolff, Willem J., MD, Ph.D

Univ. of Utah

Contributions to the development of the artitificial kidney and heart
Gould, Gordon

Optelecom, Gaithersburg, MD

Invention of the Laser


Awardee Accomplishment
Drickamer, Harry G.

Univ. of Illinois

Development of high pressure tuning of electronic orbitals
Milstein, Cesar, Dr.

Cambridge, England

Kohler, Georges, Dr.


Discovery of a method for the production of monoclonal antibodies


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Fraser, David William Dr.

President - Swarthmore College, PA.. Distinguished Epidemiologist

For his leading role in the team at the Center for Disease Control and elsewhere in identifying the cause of Legionnaires' Disease
Garfield, Eugene Dr.

President and Chairman, Institute for Scientific Information

Pioneering in the field of information retrieval, scientometrics and scientific communication


No Awards Made


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Kamen, Martin D. Dr.

Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of California

Discovery and isolation of the long-lived radioisotope of carbon, Carbon-14
Heeger, Alan J. Dr.

Professor of Physics at the University of California

MacDiarmid, Alan G. Dr.

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania

Pioneering research and invention in the field of metallic conducting polymers made from carbon compounds


Awardee Accomplishment
Koprowski, Hilary Dr.

Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Pioneering contributions to rabies research. Rabies vaccine developed is first new step in rabies immunization since Pasteur
Vogel, Orville, A. Dr.

Professor Emeritus, Washington State University

Invention of semidwarf wheats which have since spread across the world contributing measureably to the food supplies available worldwide


Awardee Accomplishment
Patrick, Ruth Dr.

Senior Curator of Limnology and Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Creative achievements in biology and ecology, especially seminal discoveries of the importance of species diversity to the health of aquatic life in rivers, and work on water pollution
Ippen, Erich P.


Shank, Charles V.


Pioneering development of ultrashort laser pulses, thereby making possible new discoveries of elementary processes important in physics, biology, chemistry and engineering


Awardee Accomplishment
Chance, Britton Pioneering achievements in shaping the field of quantitative biochemistry leading to the development of novel diagnostic methods in medicine. His pioneering clinical applications, including magnetic resonance spectroscopy and photon migration imaging, have significantly enhanced the scope of noninvasive study of disease
Mullis, Kary B. Dr. Originating the concept of the polymerase chain reaction. Developed an ingenious simple recipe for copying segments of DNA, the genetic material, thereby contributing to progress in the fields of molecular biology and human genetics and in the early detection of disease


Awardee Accomplishment
Croce, Carlo M. Dr. Pioneering research in understanding human cancer. First to combine cyto-genetics and gene mapping to identify oncogenes involved in human malignancies and genetic mechanisms underlying the abnormal cell growth. These techniques are not widely used and hold great hope for the future
Smalley, Richard E. Dr. Pioneering research on techniques and concepts which led to the realization in the laboratory of a third form of carbon, after diamonds and graphite, now called Buckminsterfullerene or carbon-60. The existence of this new material has set off an exploration of materials research activity through the world


Awardee Accomplishment
Mintz, Beatrice Dr., Contribution in the field of developmental genetics. By the creative use of her allophenic mice, she has illuminated genetics through studies of development, function and disease. Her seminal work on manipulating the genetic constitution of mouse embryos enabled her to trace the clonal development of numerous tissues and thereby make contributions to the fields of health and disease that are unique for their quality, significance, and scope


Awardee Accomplishment
Marshall, Barry J. Dr. Discovery of the bacterium, Helicobacter pylori and its direct role in causign peptic ulcers. His research was completed in the face of entrenched belief that ulcers are caused by release of excess acid in the stomach
Mather, John C. Dr. Unprecedented accuracy in measurements of temperature fluctuations in cosmic background radiation, thereby confirming predictions of the big bang model of the early universe
Tayor, Joseph H. Discovery of the first binary pulsar. His detailed observations of the binary pulsar over a period of two decades have confirmed portions of Einstein's theory of general relativity and gravitation


Awardee Accomplishment
Farber, David J.

University of Pennsylvania

Seminal contributions to the field of computer networks and distributed computer systems. Involved in the creation of the DCS system and CSNET, forerunners of the Internet
Heilmeier H. Dr. Development of liquid crystal displays and its applications in computers and consumer products


Awardee Accomplishment
Brinster, Ralph L. Research in transgenesis. Transgenic animals pioneered by him produce insight into such human genetic disorders as birth defects, cancer, heart disease
Cotton, Frank A. Creating new paradigms for chemical bonding and synthesis in chemistry as well as their applications in catalysis and enzyme action


Awardee Accomplishment
Blumberg, Baruch S. Dr. Studies of the relationship of the hepatitis B virus to hepatitis and liver cancer. Vaccine against hepatitis B is preventing newborn children from developing the disease
Folkman, Moses Judah, Dr. Discovery of the mechanism and importance of angiogenesis and development of angiogenesis inhibitors as an approach to treating cancer


Awardee Accomplishment
Mandelbrot, Benoit B. Role in formulating concepts regarding fractal analysis and self similarity, which have impacted areas as diverse as human heartbeat dynamics and the fracturing of metals
Knudson, Alfred G. Dr. Research on retinoblastoma, leading to the mutational theory of cancer causation and the concept of a tumor suppressor gene


Awardee Accomplishment
Armstrong, Clay M.

Professor of Physiology, University of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, PA

Pioneering research on ion channel gating mechanism
Adriaan Bax

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Seminal contributions to structural biology by advancing nuclear magnetic resonance
Mary Dell Chilton

Executive Director / VP of Agricultural Biotechnology, Novartis Seeds Inc. Research Triangle, NC

Pioneering research on the genetic modification of plants and her work on Crown Gall disease


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Vera Cooper Rubin

Senior Researcher, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Major contribution to establishing the existence of dark matter through analysis of experimental data, thereby enlarging our grasp of the universe and hence the scope of human endeavor
K.Barry Sharpless

W.M. Keck Professor, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

Pioneering research on asymmetric epoxidation, greatly facilitating the synthesis of drugs and sugars, thereby contributing to the health and welfare of mankind


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Marbo R. Capecchi

Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics University of Utah, School of Medicine

Seminal contributions to the development of a technique for the deletion or replacement of any gene in mice, leading to a greater understanding of human genetic diseases
Joseph M, DeSimone

W.R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of North Carolina, NC

Seminal contributions to the manufacturing and processing of polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide, thus reducing the use and generation of substances that are hazardous to human health and the environment


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Bert Vogelsterin

Professor of Oncology and Pathology Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Establishing a molecular basis for colon cancer and the resulting improvements in diagnosis and therapeutics. Characterizing the genes that cause colon cancer and applying his knowledge to patient management, thus contributing to better health and welfare of patients
Dr. Daniel H. Janzen

Thomas E. and Louise G. DiMaura Professor of Conservation Biology at the University of Pennsylvania

Contributions to conservation biology based on the quantitative formulation of the consequences of seed predation to animals and plants resulting in better interface between society and tropical wildland biodiversity


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr.Thomas E. Starzl

Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

To recognize his seminal contributions to the science and practice of organ transplantation
Barry M. Trost

Tamaki Professor of Humanities and Sciences Stanford University, Stanford, CA

To recognize his pioneering development of new organometallic reactions and their applications in organic synthesis


Awardee Accomplishment
JoAnne Stubbe

Novartis Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

To recognize her pioneering discovery of the molecular mechanism and the role of free radicals in the action of the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase - discoveries that have led to the development of novel cancer therapies. Her work has improved our understanding of the biochemical synthesis of DNA, thus contributing to the health and welfare of mankind.
Dr. Saul Perlmutter

Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley and Senior Fellow of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For his contributions to the discovery of some of the most distant supernovae and for making the first measurements of the cosmological constant. His work has led to unlocking the secrets of our universe and to developing promising new technologies that can have major impacts on basic science.


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Franklin A, Davis

Professor of Chemistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

To recognize his discoveries of new experimental procedures for the synthesis of important molecular structures. By creating new synthetic methods that have been adopted by laboratories worldwide to aid in the synthesis of antitumor and other bioactive drugs, Professor Davis has contributed to the health and welfare of mankind.
Irving L. Weissman

Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Bioloogy and Regenerative Medicine and of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Virginia, D.K. Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research and Professor of Pathology and Developmental Biology at Stanford University.

For his seminal contribution to identifying and isolating the blood forming stem cells. By isolating the stem cells from humans, which then become the basis of successful bone marrow transplantation, Professor Weissman has contributed to the health and welfare of mankind.


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Joseph Vacanti

John Homans Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Director, Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication at . Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

For his pioneering work in tissue engineering, an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue or organ function. For his contributions to the design, fabrication and clinical application of living replacement devices for surgical reconstruction and transplantation and implantable, biodegradable systems that can act as devices to generate permanent new tissue.
Dr. Albert J. Stunkard

Department of Psychiatry The Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Founder of the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders

In recognition of his pioneering research on the genetics of obesity in childhood and the growth and development of children at high risk of obesity. For his contributions to psychosomatic medicine and his research on understanding and treatment of eating disorders. By improving the understanding of deviant eating patterns, and having developed treatment for eating disorders he has contributed significantly to the health and welfare of mankind.


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Susan Soloman

Senior Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, . Boulder, Colorado

To recognize her discoveries in establishing the mechanism of the depletion of Antarctic ozone by identifying a specific chemical reaction and making direct measurements of the predicted product of this reaction in the atmosphere of Antarctica. These and other scientific discoveries have resulted in international regulations that limit the emissions of the ozone damaging chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere and have thereby greatly benefited mankind.
Timothy M. Swager

John D. MacArthur Professor Head of the Department of Chemistry and the Associate Director Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bldg. 18-597 Cambridge, MA

To recognize his pioneering developments in the design, synthesis and construction of functional assemblies of supramolecular materials that recognize specific molecules. In creating new chemo sensors that are being used for the detection of concealed explosive materials.


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Bernard Fisher

Fellow in experimental surgery at the University of Pennsylvania where he was trained by I. S. Ravdin, is currently a Distinguished Service Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh

For his pioneering research utilizing clinical trials in surgery that set a new course in the treatment of breast cancer. In creating new procedures for the treatment of many cancers, Dr. Fisher has greatly benefited mankind.
Dr. Lucy Shapiro

Professor of Developmental Biology, Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies and Director of the Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine, Stanford University

Dr. Harley H. McAdams

Research Professor in the Department of Developmental Biology, Stanford University

To recognize their work in bringing the methods of electrical circuit analysis to the description of genetic networks of the simple bacterium, Caulobacter. This husband and wife team, comprising a microbiologist and a physicist, has pioneered the field of Systems Biology and made seminal contributions through the study of the regulatory circuitry of this microorganism. By creating a means to unravel the complexity of cellular processes they have greatly benefited mankind.


Awardee Accomplishment
Dr. Christian J. Lambertsen

for his invention of the underwater breathing apparatus known as . SCUBA

To recognize his invention of the underwater breathing apparatus known as SCUBA, which he first developed during World War II for use by the United States Navy while he was in the U.S. Army Medical Corps detached to the Office of Strategic Services. Dr. Lambertsen, a world renowned expert in hyperbaric medicine, founded the Institute for Environmental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School since 1946 and is currently Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Environmental Medicine.
Dr. Lucy Shapiro

Biophysical Chemistry Section NIDDK, National Institutes of Health

To recognize his pioneering research on protein aggregation and folding. Dr. Eaton and his collaborators discovered the microscopic basis for the aggregation of sickle cell hemoglobin, thereby illuminating the pathophysiology and stimulating new treatments of sickle cell disease. More recently, they established a theoretical limit for how fast proteins fold into their functional structures. Dr. Eaton obtained his medical and scientific training at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently Chief of the Laboratory of Chemical Physics at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.