Full List of Award Recipients



Awardee Accomplishment
Goodwin, Samuel Front Door Lock
Ewing, James Dr. Screw-cock Hydrant
Sellers, Coleman Simple and effectual cupping instrument
Barnitt, Thomas Press to force out the unnecessary quantity of tar absorbed by yarn in the manufacture of cordage
Conard, Isaac

Lampeter township, Lancaster County, PA

Simple and effectual barrow to plant Indian corn
Harper, George Two drills - one for potatoes and one for seeds
Shotwell, William Garden weeder
Welford, Robert and Deas, James H. Improved plane and frictionless rollers, for planing floors
Niell, Daniel Vertical printing press
Gardette, James Three mechanical improvements in his profession of dentistry which are highly commended in Europe and the United States - a simple lever instrument for easy and expeditious extraction of teeth, and stumps of teeth
Nicholls, Jonathan

Providence, RI

Portable carriage spring seat
Meer, John Razor strop
Jones, Frances Mrs Improvement in the apparatus for making patent Lint

1823 & 1824

No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Freymuth, Benjamin Ingenious Chamber Alarm Bell which can be attached to a watch
Jenckes, John C.

Providence, RI

Apparatus to enable persons with fractured limbs to be moved in their positions in bed, without injury


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Eastman, Robert

Brunswick, ME

Improved rotary saw machine for sawing clap boards
Woodhouse, Joseph

Otego county, NY

Paper-cutting machine
Corl, Abraham

Pugh Town, Chester County, PA

Drill for clock and watchmaker's work
Taylor, Joel

Danbury CT

Apparatus for dying hats
Powles, Daniel

Baltimore, MD

Beadstead which can be put up and taken down by any person, owing to the peculiar construction of the joints and is proof against insects


Awardee Accomplishment
Smith, Francis H.

Baltimore, MD

Improvement in musical glasses by which a piece of music can be played on any key, according to their arrangement. These glasses are adapted to church music and are actually in use in a church at Harrisburgh
Corr, Owen

Chambersburgh, PA

Apparatus to butt and joint shingles. It gives a straight edge with one cut


Awardee Accomplishment
Kelsey, Franklin

Middletown, CT

Washing machine
Larcum, Amos

Albany, NY

Washing machine
Russel, James


Bell-Index - which prevents the necessity of hanging a bell for each apartment in the bar-room of a hotel, or in the kitchen or servants' hall of a private dwelling


Awardee Accomplishment
Aiken, Henry

Drawcut, MA

Knife to split leather straps for the use of workers in leather
Whiting, Ebenezer

Bershire, Tioga County, NY

Saw set


Awardee Accomplishment
Smith, T.H.

Baltimore, MD.

Drill to sow cotton seed, corn and other grains
Jennings, Joseph

New York

House warmer and cooking apparatus combined
Fairlamb JP and Dunot M.

Wilmington, DE

Water cracker and biscuit machine


Name Accomplishment
Barribino, C.N. Dr.

Philadelphia, PA

Improved stomach pump
Breed, Samuel D.

Philadelphia, PA

Mode of cementing gum elastic or caoutchouc to leather


Awardee Accomplishment
Brooks, Adam

Scituate, MA

Macine by which silk can be wound off from cocoons and then formed into sewing silk by one operation
Stephens, John

Philadelphia, PA

Improved door lock by which one bolt answers the end of a latch bolt


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Bassett N. East and west compasses
Burt, W.A. Instrument to determine the variation of the compass
Ewbank, Thomas Lead pipes
Holcomb, Amos Reflecting telescope
McMullen, John Knitting machine for knitting stockings
Tyler, Philos Shifting gauge cock


Awardee Accomplishment
Prutzman, Augustus Door Lock


Awardee Accomplishment
Elmer & Little Chronometer
Mahan F Measure case ruler, stereotyping


Awardee Accomplishment
Bean E.W. Ascertaining latitude


Awardee Accomplishment
Denison, L.C. Corn sheller
Ridgeway, T.S. Jr. Transit theodolite
Wood T. Fountain Pen


Awardee Accomplishment
Babbitt I. Axle boxes for railway cars
Jenks, W. Fire Arms
Kite J.S. Safety beam
Merrick & Towne Boring Machine
Naglee H.M. Flat bar or edge rail for railroad curves
Olds C. FPlanting machine
Peale F. Coining presses at the U.S. Mint, Philadelphia
Rhoads J. Map for the blind
Strickland W. Substitution of lime for salt for preserving ships
Winslow SE Pivot scale beam


Awardee Accomplishment
Saxton J. Telescope
Richardson Door Spring
Forten R.B. Reflecting pyrometer


Awardee Accomplishment
Anderson, L File cutting
Babbitt, I. Soft metal boxes
Calderhead A. Looms
CGrimes W.E. Smut machine
Hill T. Occulator


Awardee Accomplishment
Jones Alfred C. Shaft Couplings


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Parker, Zebulon Water Wheel


Awardee Accomplishment
Colton, Sabin W. Locks
Heckrotte, A.G. Car coupling
Palmer B.F. Artificial Leg
Stellwagon H.S. Sounding Apparatus


Awardee Accomplishment
Villeroi, M. Telescope


Awardee Accomplishment
Carnell, C. Brick Machine


Awardee Accomplishment
Grimes, W.C. Water guage for steam boilers


Awardee Accomplishment
Goddard, K. Carriage Axle
Parsons, L.H. Scale measure


Awardee Accomplishment
Dilks, J. Water guages
Faber, G. Magnetic Water Guage
Receveur, P.N. Rose Engine (Lathe)
Senneff, J. Metallic Heddles


Awardee Accomplishment
Atkins, J. Self-Raking Automaton Reaper and Mower
Bates, R. Instrument for the cure of stammering
McMahan, J. Stereotype
Thum, C.D. Varnish Brushes


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Chauvenet, W. Great Circle Protractor
Dale, J.D. Wood moulding machine


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Francis J.B. Tooth Extractor


Name Accomplishment
Fawkes, J.W. Steam Plow


Awardee Accomplishment
Ritchie, E.S. Improved Rhumkorff Coil


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Richardson, J.H. Improved signal lantern


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Shaw, Thomas Gunpowder pile driver


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Irwin, J.H. Lantern
Wharton, William Jr. Safety Railway Switch


Awardee Accomplishment
Baldwin, F.S. Calculating Machine
Chambers, C. Book folding and pasting machine
Westinghouse, G. Jr. Railway car brake


Awardee Accomplishment
Baker, J.G. Pressure blower
Brittin, J.W. and Brittin, Tatham B. Safety catch for elevators
Carleton, C, Wilcox and Charles H. Automatic tension and improvements in sewing machines
Davis, J.A. Vertical feed for sewing machines
Gliddens C., Latham Sholes C. and Soule Samuel W. Typewriter
Goodes, E.A. Sewing machine
Goodyear, R.B. Harness Motion for Power Looms
Goodyear, R.B. Shuttle box operating mechanism
Heyl, H.R. Wire fastened paper boxes
Hutchins & Mabbitt Tilting chair
J.Mortan Poole & Co. Relief valve
Prunty, J.E. Relief valve
Roots, P.H. and F.M. Rotary pressure blower
Rorer, T.J. Improved belting
Tyson, C. Machine to unite uppers to the soles of boots and shoes
G. Wale & Co. The college lantern


Awardee Accomplishment
Chambers, C. Brick Machine
Orum, Morris L. Mandrel for bending metal pipes


Awardee Accomplishment
Behrns, G.L.H. and Bremar, A Aspirator for mill stones
Grant, G.B. Calculating machine
Shaw, Thomas Spiral exhaust nozzle


Awardee Accomplishment
R. Datton & Co. Mowing machine
Goodwin, William Farr New Mechanical Movement
Miller, D.K. Self-locking padlock
Seymour, C. Balance for pulleys, fly wheels, etc.


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Bilgram, H. Gearing for metal planers
Kemble, B.H. Wheel hubs


Awardee Accomplishment
Ashford, H. Boat attaching and detaching apparatus
Beecher, J. Hollow handled cutlery
Blodgett Bros. Electric signal clock
Brehmer, Hugo and Heyl, Henry Rand Wire book sewing machine
Eckstein, H.G. Feed water heater
Hall, T. Typewriter
Nacke, A. Screw cutting attachment
Pratt & Whitney Co. Taps and gauges
Shaw, Thomas Friction buffer
Whitall, H. Planisphere


Awardee Accomplishment
Bennor, Joseph Siphon trap
Burrell, John M. and Metzler, C.E. Railway signal lantern
Eldridge, G.M. Electro magnetic protector for electrical instruments
Jay, P.E. Automatic anti-freezing valve
Woodbury, C.J.H. Testing electric light mains


Awardee Accomplishment
Chabot, C. Shoe sewing, channeling and edge turning machine
Chabot, C. Sole channelling machine
Chabot, C. Sole edge turning machine
Doerr, John Henry and Wigmore, William H. Sleeping car
Orum, Morris L. Lock
Siemens, Frederick Regenerative gas burner
Spratt, Orlands W. Mercury seal trap
Townsend, I. Tent slip
Wills, S. Journal bearing and car axle-box


Awardee Accomplishment
Callahan, Edward A., Delany, Patrick B. and LaCour, Paul Improvements in synchronous multiplex telegraphy
Chabot, C. Forming bevelled rims on watch casesWheel hubs
Grau, P.J. Feed water purifier and heater
Green, F.V. Extracting oil and albuminoid matter from corn
Hall, M.W. Duplex steam pump
Moser, L. Bohemian glassware
Phelps, L.J. Induction telegraph
Phoenix Iron Company Automatic cut-off steam engine
Pratt & Whitney Company System of interchangeable cut gears
Yaryan, H.T. System of evaporation in vacuo


Awardee Accomplishment
Bilgram, H. Bevel gear cutter
Cowles, Eugene H. and Alfred H. Electric smelting furnace
Hallock, D. Weighing scales
Ives, F.E. Isochromatic photography
March, L.J. Improvements in the magic lantern
Spellier, L.H. Electric clock


Awardee Accomplishment
Cyclostyle Company Cyclostyle
Gates, John Lubricator
Hexamer, C.J. Preventing and extinguishing explosive fires in grinding mills
Hyatt, I.S. Pure water system
Outerbridge, A.E. Jr. Carbonizing fabrics and obtaining castings therefrom
Woodruff, W.N. System of keying for machinery
Ziegler, G.W. Trestles and scaffolding system


Awardee Accomplishment
ABT, R. System of mountain railways
Atkinson, J. Gas engine
Castner, H.Y. Manufacture of sodium and potassium
Edison, T.A. Mimeograph
Koyl, C.H. Parabolic Semaphore
Maddox, R.L. Substitution of gelatin for collodion in photography
Marks, A.A. Artificial limbs
Mergenthaler, O. Linotype
Shaw, T. Instrument for testing ignitible gases in mines
Teal, C.A. Portable hoist
Thomson, Elihu Electric welding
White, O.C. Adjustable extension movement in ball and socket joints; with protest against award


Awardee Accomplishment
Bristol, W.H. Recording pressure gauge
Burton, W. and Leigh, M.D. Electric heater
Chenoweth, Alexander C. Method of laying continuous electrical conduits
Ehbets, C.J. Colts new Navy Revolver
Felt, Dorr E. Comptometer
Lopex de Haro, A. Electric sea compass; automatic electric log line
Hellings, J. Mail bag fastening
Hobson, A.E. Hydraulic shaping press
Ives, F.E. Projecting lantern and appurtenances
Lowe, J. Spinning mule
MacCoy, J.S. Pneumatic tool
McIntire, C. Electric wire connectors
Merket, Luzerne and Thomas, Almer Tempered copper
Meyers, J.G. Improved mausoleum
Richards, T.A. Ruling machine
Ridgway, W.H. Balanced crane
Root, J.B. "Spiral Weld" tubing
Van Kannel, T. Storm door
Wootten, J.E. Locomotive and boiler


Awardee Accomplishment
Anderson, William Process of Water Purification
Dodge, Wallace System of Rope Transmission
Garsed, R. P. Pneumatic Annunciator
Hadfield, Robert A. Discovery of Manganese Steel
Hannay, J. B. and Shedlock, Alfred Improved System of Illumination Known as Lucigen
Hart, Edward Improved hydrofluoric acid bottle
Johnson, E. H. System of Interior Conduits for Electrical Wiring
LeClere, Francis Differential Gear Wheel
Mason, A. J. Washer-Punching Machine
Market, Luzerne and Thomas, Almer Improvements. in Casting and Hardening Copper
Mergenthaler, Ottmar Improvements in type-setting machine
Pants, Albert E. Improvements. in Boring and Milling Machines
Roeder, Fred A. and Springer, Fred Improvements in torsion balance
Speidel, John G. Improvements in portable hoist
Thomson, Elihu Constant current alternating arc light transformer
Vauclain, Samuel M. Improvements in making truck-wheel centers
Wooten, J.E. Improvements in locomotive boilders


Awardee Accomplishment
Almond, Thomas R. Angular coupling
Benner, Joseph Improvements in knitting machines
Burton, George D. System of electric forging
Clark, George, S. Improvements in safety vaults
Durkee, George B. and Golding, John F. Expanded metal and machinery for making same
Emerson, James Dynamometer
Fuller, Frederick L. and Griswold, George H. Improvements in cash registers, indicators
Goetz, Henry A. and Mitchell, Mansell W. System of anchoring beams in buildings
Jones, John R. Method of rolling tapered axles
Lundgren, Charles M. Incandescent gas light
McClellan, Ezra S. Anti-siphon trap-vent
Shay, Ephraim Patent geared locomotive
Williams, Charles D. Revolving show window


Awardee Accomplishment
Baldwin, F. Ruel Boiler tube cleaner
Bridgemen, Henry L. Ore sampling machine
Frank, Dr. Adolph Composition of infusorial earth as adapted for filtering purposes
LaRue, Silas Improvement in stoves
Meylan, Eugene and Reckniewski, Camille S. Electric meter
Reddeway, Frank Camel-hair belting
FSpencer, John E. Improvements in damper regulators


Awardee Accomplishment
Acheson, Edward G. Carborundum
Branson, David, Thornburgh, Robert D. and Starr, John E. Fuller, J. EnsignSystem of artificial refrigeration through street pipe lines from central stations
Bramwell, William C. Automatic feeding mechanism for carding machine
Cleborne, Christopher James, Dr. U.S. Naval bedstead
Dunham, Joseph N. and McKemmie, John Metallic drawing rolls
Edson, Jarvis B. Pressure recording gauge
Marchlet, George, Jr. and Reichhelm, E.P. Fuel gas system and apparatus
Morsell, W.F.C. Application of complementary color designs and crystal patterns
Payen, Clement Improvement in storage batteries
Perry, Nelson W. System of series electric traction for railways
Pontrichet, E. Heliographic paper
Priestman, Samuel and Priestman, William Dent Oil Engine
Riefler, Sigmund Pendulum escapement for clocks of precision
Shuman, Frank Process and apparatus for embedding wire netting in glass
Spiro, Charles Improvement in typewriters
Tweddell, Ralph Hart Application of hydraulic pressure to machine tools
Weidig, Dr. H.P. Chemical fire extinguisher
Wilkin, John T. Method and apparatus for generating cycloidal surfaces
Wurts, Alexander J. Lightning arresters for lighting and power circuits


Awardee Accomplishment
Bates, Albert J. Valve trips for Corliss Engine
Beadle C. Cellulose Products
Cross, C.F. Cellulose Products
Cellulose Products Pneumatic fire alarm telegraph system
Jandus, William Improved arc lamp
Willans, Peter William Steam engine
Stackhouse, Thomas A. Diagraph


Awardee Accomplishment
Balzer, Stephen M. Device for making milling cutters
Carroll, William T. SNon metallic bearings
Crehore, Albert Cushing and Squier, George, O. Polarizing PhotoChronograph
Grant, George B. Improved calculating machine
Hopkins, Edward P. Electric Arc Lamp
Johnston, A. Langstaff Bonding joint for electrical railways
Marsden, Mark W. Corn pith cellulose
McCracken, Edwin D. Insulated electrical conductors
Milliau, Ernest Standard methods of analyzing fats and oils
Prentiss, Harry S. Auomatic calendar
Richards, Joseph Solder for aluminum


Awardee Accomplishment
Almond, Thomas R. Flexible metallic tube
Berliner, Emile Gramophone
Brown, Edward Improvements in pyrometers
Burroughs, George D. Calculating machine
LeClere, Francis Black Prints
Levy, Louis E. and Levy, Max Screens for photo-mechanical engraving
Morris, Henry G. and Salom, Pedro G. Automobile vehicle
Outerbridge, Alexander E. Jr. Investigations in the molecular physics of cast iron
Williams, John Typewriting machine
Webster, William R. Observations on relations between chemical constitution and ultimate strength of steel


Awardee Accomplishment
Blondel, Andre and Psaroudaki, Spiridion Holophane globes
Copper, Daniel M. Time recorder
Dunn, B.W. Testing machine for measuring intensities of impulsive forces
Hyatt, John W. Elastic spiral anti-friction roller
Jackson, Walter W. and Connet, Fred N. Registering apparatus
Muller, Herman C. Process of and apparatus for manufacturing mosaics
Sayen, Henry Lyman Improvement in Roentgen-Ray apparatus
Severy, Melvin L. Impression process
Steinhart, Alfred and Uehling, Edward A. Pneumatic pyrometer
Willmunder, Herman Swivel loom


Awardee Accomplishment
Batcheller, B.C. Pneumatic Dispatch Tube Apparatus
Fellows, Edwin R. Machine and Cutter for Generating Gear Teeth
Sexton, Albert Omnimeter
Steinhart, Alfred and Uehling, Edward, A. Composimeter


Awardee Accomplishment
Bell, Chichester A. and Taintner, Summer Graphophone
Fisher, Robert J. Improvements in book and letter typewriting
Groupe, Andrew N. Improved Braiding Machine
Hopkins, Nevil Monroe Pneumatic System for Preventing the Bursting of Water Pipes by Freezing
Hough, James and Laughlin, Samuel J. Drawing tables
Lowry, George A. Improved press for cotton, wool, jute
Moskowitz, Morris Improved system for car lighting
Swenson, Magnus Round-lap baling cotton compress
Wait, William B. Machine for tangible writing for touch reading